#5 Webinars work – read the proof

Are you keen to use webinars but having problems convincing your workmates? Read on for all the proof you need.

Recent cases studies from Webex, a multinational webinar software provider, prove that webinars work. All sizes and manners of organisations, from small service providers to multinational producers, are using webinars to increase sales, decrease travel costs and improve training outcomes.

Case Study #1 – Lumedx battles the giants and wins

B2B Challenge
Lumedx, a small healthcare technology company with 100 staff, needed to stand out in the face of large brand competition. It wanted to cost effectively build awareness of its cardiovascular information and imaging systems products.

Lumedx uses webinars to deliver webcasts that drive lead generation campaigns and build customer rapport.


  • drove large increase in opportunity leads from online events
  • increased contact with over 500 clients
  • gained competitive edge over much larger companies
  • reaches more prospects and drives over US$600,000 in annual sales opportunities

Read Lumedx case study

Case Study #2 – Seagate creates buying frenzy

B2C Challenge
Seagate Technology, a large 52000+ staff technology company, wanted to bypass traditional B2B channels and market its new product directly to end users.

Webinar facilitated B2C product launch were used to attract 1500+ attendees with zero advertising budget. Seagate were able to assemble far-flung speakers for the webcast without travel costs.


  • exceeded initial sales unit goal by 300 percent, doubling sales forecast within one week of launch
  • instant backlog of demand for Seagate’s new drive
  • viral marketing effect with 38,800 of YouTube views of webcast in 4 month period

Read Seagate case study

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