#25 Top tips to drive efficiency and engagement during online meetings

So you are organising an online meeting.

Online meetings

Build relationships and efficiencies with online meetings

Like any meeting, an online meeting suffers from mediocre planning, so follow these top tips and lead virtual meetings that:

  • Start and finish on time
  • Have a clear structure
  • Are engaging and effective
  • Build relationships remotely
  • Get results
  1.  Choose your online meeting tool with care – use freeware or pay? There are some good free tools out there however if want security, reliability and the ability to record your meetings for future reference – then pay. Read more on this in our blog post: When to use free online meeting tools and when to pay.
  2. Document and issue an agenda which you follow. If you are hosting the meeting- use an agenda and follow it so people know what’s going on. Sounds obvious we know, but we’ve attended endless online meetings where agendas were maddeningly absent. It often makes for a very fragmented experience as people can disengage more easily in a virtual environment.
  3. Find a quiet location for hosting or attending your virtual meeting .If you sit in an open plan environment, background noise is distracting – for you and your fellow online meeting attendees. So book a room!  When head into the room you’ve booked, clean the whiteboard. You don’t want to leak any confidential info inadvertently.
    Online meetings - quiet location

    Find a quiet location for hosting and online meeting

  4. Use your webcam wisely. Make sure everyone can see you whole face – not your chin (!) and REMEMBER – you are on screen the whole time unless you choose to click off showing your face. This means you must manage your expressions just as carefully as you would in person.
    And, take a note of your default expression. Do you look friendly and accessible or a bit severe? If it’s the latter, consciously turn up the edges of your mouth. It works wonders for how people perceive you, especially if they haven’t met you in person before.
  5. Watch out for how you use the messaging function. Most software allows you to message the whole room or just selected individuals. Be very careful. It’s easy to message everyone when you intended to message just one person. Ignore this advice at your peril!

We’d love to hear your stories about how you run online meetings – what’s worked well for you and what tripped you up?  Get in touch at info@thecatalyzers.com

Otherwise for more tips on this area, download this great resource from GoToMeeting from our “Free Stuff” area.

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