HEID-PIE: Wound Management with Wendy White

6 part series – each session 50 minutes plus 10 mins Q&A
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Get the ‘juice’ and examine the benefits of using a structured, comprehensive & consistent approach to wound prevention, assessment and management:
  • History: Gather information important to both HCP & the person
  • Examination: See the person, region, product, wound & skin
  • Investigations: Gain a clearer understanding of each unique individual
  • Diagnosis: Define what we are dealing with and what we can expect
  • Planning & Implementation: Initiate interventions that match goals of care
  • Evaluation: Monitor & measure outcomes
Join presenter Wendy White, a Nurse Consultant, Educator and Company Director in private practice based in New South Wales, Australia.
We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!
‘HEID-PIE’ is an innovative 6 part online education series developed by Wendy White & WOUNDjuice brought to you by The Catalyzers. ‘HEID-PIE’ is the what, why, when and how of wound management for everyday practice. Each session is ‘worth’ 1 CPD point.
What we will cover

During these 6 X 1 hour sessions we will examine the benefits of a standardised approach to wound assessment and management that is relevant to health care professionals caring for those at risk of or have a wound in a variety of health care settings.

We will explore theory and practice, examine clinical case scenarios and highlight available resources or tools applicable to each topic. The principles outlined can be applied to wound prevention, assessment and management of the individual and will focus on the importance of early risk identification and treatment interventions which relate to a working or definitive diagnosis by the health care team.
The Catalyzers are thrilled to bring you Wendy White MWoundCare. BEd. RN. Plast/Reconstructive Cert. MACN FAWMA to present this webinar series.
Wendy is a respected speaker who has presented and facilitated at regional, state, national and international wound conferences, symposiums, workshops and educational events.
She is an invited expert on local and international committees and advisory groups, and has contributed to the development of international consensus documents relating to minimising wound related pain and optimising wellbeing for those living with wounds.
Wendy has served on Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) state executive committees, AWMA National Education subcommittee, and was Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the 9th National AWMA Conference.
In addition to consultancy and educational service, Wendy founded the ‘Advanced Wound Care Service’ – practicing in collaboration with GPs in the primary health care setting, for those with complex, delayed healing wounds.
She actively promotes the importance of a person focused, interdisciplinary team, and the privileged and accountable position held, in the prevention and care of those with, or at risk of wounds.
Wendy is a recipient of an AWMA Fellowship in recognition of her contribution to clinical practice, education, research and leadership in wound management throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific region.

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#1 History taking#2 Examination#3 Investigations#4 Diagnosis#5 Planning & Implementation#6 Evaluation
  • Spend time to save time
  • Asking the RIGHT questions
  • See the ‘person’ not just the wound
  • Risk identification made easy
  • Optimise outcomes
  • Know what to look for and why
  • Early identification of risks, issues and complications
  • Establish ‘baselines’ for on-going review
  • Determine product / device performance
  • ‘See more’ than just the wound
  • Know what tests are important and why
  • Confirm chronic disease and / or contributing factors
  • Understand individuals’ dynamic ‘uniqueness’
  • Appreciate role of interdisciplinary team
  • Find missing ‘puzzle pieces’
  • Know what that wound is and why is it there
  • Lock in a dynamic, co-operative team approach
    •  ….it may be this (working diagnosis)
    •  ….but it could be this (differential)
    •  ….it is this (definitive)
  • Create clear expectations & expected clinical outcomes
  • Move forward together – everyone wins!

  • Adopt the mindset: Stop – Think – Act!
  • Confirm goals of care based on expected clinical outcomes
  • Hear the ‘voice’ of person with the wound – what do they want?
  • Ensure management plans ‘MATCH’ goals
  • Improve ‘comms’ – write it / talk it / communicate it
  • Evaluate outcomes relevant to person, region, skin and wounds
  • Clarify the indicators: Positive and negative
  • Understand the implications – objective versus subjective
  • Explore the tools of the trade (scales, photography, planimetry)
  • Adopt the mantra – if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it!

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