How to Webinar services

It’s as easy as A-Z or ABC when reviewing our two service options for How to Webinar:

A-Z: We do it all for you

  • Webinar Creation
  • Web conference organization
  • Delivery of each webinar
  • Online meeting attendance monitoring
  • Post webinar follow-up

ABC: We coach you to DIY

  • Advise on session design
  • Develop presenters to deliver web conferences
  • MC online meetings, if needed
  • Train on webinar attendance monitoring
  • Coach on post webinar follow-up

The foundation of webinar excellence

The bedrock of world class web conferencing execution is visually enticing and relevant presentations (often power point) delivered with radio style presenting skills.

This facilitates your messages landing most effectively with audiences from any background and across the key learning styles (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic).

Consequently, when we work on ABC projects, we provide guidance and tips on presentation design based on hard won experience re. what works for distance learning and what doesn’t. This can include taking clients back to the basics of how to do a presentation so that (powerpoint) slides provide message enhancement and anchoring not the detail of the message itself.

Steps for How to Webinar

Typically clients work with a stepped approach.

Step 1: Familiarization

Running a webinar pilot to establish the best fit with the organization and thereby secure web conferencing wins e.g. to focus on comms and/or sales and/or training areas etc; and

Step 2: Webinar Calendar

Agreeing and implementing a webinar calendar of events to lock in the benefits of web conferencing as widely as is feasible.

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