How to Webinar

Are you seeking proven and efficient ways to achieve some or all of the following?

  • Increase employee uptime;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Manage comms, training or selling effectively across dispersed locations;
  • Solve the challenges of working across multiple timezones and scheduling despite shift issues;
  • Generally increase strategic and/or operational efficiency.

That’s all good.

Webinars (often called online meetings or web conferencing) are a superb and proven tool to achieve any or all of the above. The Catalyzers can help, How to Webinar Services.

Get a quick overview of How to Webinar

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In 3 minutes learn about:

  • What is a webinar?
  • What organizations are using them?
  • What kind of benefits can I expect?
  • How do I get the best results using webinars?
  • What’s my next steps to secure webinar wins?

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What is a webinar?

Think of it as radio with visuals. And for visuals think a dynamic power point presentation that you can watch/listen to at your desk or on your sofa with a laptop. Web conferences can be 10 minutes or 90 minutes in duration or anything in between, depending on the goal of the session. And all you need is a connection to the internet.

What organizations are using web conferencing?

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes worldwide use online conferencing as a reliable tool for a range of activities. These include Toshiba, ADP, MYOB, Rockwell Technology Group, Commonwealth Bank to name a few. Why? Because webinars are secure, proven and effective.

What kind of benefits can I expect from web conferencing?

Organizations use webinars to enjoy any or all of these online meeting wins.

  • Reducing one off and ongoing training costs by using webinars for distance / remote learning; and/or
  • Delivering engaging yet cost effective organization wide updates via snappy, engaging presentations; and/or
  • Lowering the costs of acquisition for sales offering free online meetings for prospects to attend about your product or service; and/or
  • Communicating efficiently with stakeholders such as shareholders, suppliers, agents or licensees via confidential, online meetings; and/or
  • Supporting cost effective launch of products and services to your entire value chain with a timely and impactful series of free webinars; and/or
  • Providing engaging content for customers to enhance the loyalty of the relationship by delivering free webinars on relevant and timely topics.

Quantifiable benefits of webinars

Check out this handful of examples.

“Webex (use of webinars) has saved us thousands of dollars a month in travel expenses while providing more training programmes with less resources. …Web conferences has increased the productivity of our entire training programme and has become a critical part of our employee and customer communications.”
Karen Bingham, VP, e-Business, Toshiba CSG

“Before Webex (use of webinars), an instructors travel schedule was literally four weeks a month. Now a busy month is two weeks, and we’re training more customers than ever before. That’s real productivity.”
– Jenifer Whitmer, Director of Training and Development, ADP (Nasdaq listed payroll company)

“Webex (use of webinars) can replace more than 500 in-person meetings and reduce our intrastate travel by 10 percent. We anticipate saving approximately AU$500,000 each year.”
– John James, principal extension officer, Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, Department of Employment, Economic Development, and Innovation

How do I get the best results using web conferencing?

It’s the combination of two concepts: Engagement and Control.


Remember – webinars are radio with visuals. And for visuals, think high quality, powerpoint presentations.

We always use best practice techniques so that each web conference encourages attendees to actively interact with the presentation team. As a result, attendees are much more involved and connected to the messaging.

Here’s a short, yet not exhaustive list of top online meeting engagement techniques:

  • World class radio style presenting;
  • Highly visual, impactful presentation content;
  • Running polls on key themes for attendees to vote on;
  • Responding quickly and concisely to instant messaging queries during each live session;
  • Offering an exit survey for attendees to provide feedback on each webinar; and
  • Use of various media to bring messages alive e.g. music, sound effects or video.


You need to know if the webinars are working as well as you expect.  So track the impact of each web conference using standard tools

  • Live attendance metrics including amount of time attended and relative attentiveness during each online meeting;
  • Number of downloads of the recorded webinar to understand who is taking the time to engage further with a particular web conference;
  • Relative webinar success ratings based on exit surveys. These provide an excellent foundation for continuous improvement for future web conferences.

In summary

Engagement + Control = Effective Delivery

This is the formula for every type of webinar whether they are short (10 minutes,) long (up to 90 minutes) and irrespective of the type of content e.g. comms, training, selling etc.

What are my next steps to secure these webinar wins?

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