#26 Drive online engagement – webinar duration up 37%

Webinars or online seminars are enjoying a fascinating evolution that offers businesses and organisations immense revenue generation and cost efficiency opportunities.

Webinar attendees stay longer

Webinar attendees stay longer

These annual webinar benchmarks from ON24 (one of the largest online event players globally) and The Content Marketing Institute show webinars continue to be on the up…

Webinar duration is increasing – up 37% year on year

Average webinar duration is up from 38 minutes in December 2011 to 53 minutes in December 2012.  In a time pressured world, this shows the power of being a respected content provider – quite simply your audiences are staying longer.

This is fabulous news given the trends towards increasingly instant, micro blogged, text ready content. In NZ, we are also witnessing this trend to longer webinar attendance. Having said that, most webinars excluding professional education sessions, are circa 40 minutes + Q&A.

Webinar recording views last 90% of the duration of the entire webinar

This is NOT the realm of YouTube where shorter, punchy recorded content is highly effective. Those registrants that miss a live webinar download the recording and watch an average of 47 minutes of the entire session – 90%.

This is another big win for quality webinar content delivery.

Audiences are growing for live webinars

Virtual rooms are growing in size

Virtual rooms are growing in size

While you can typically have up to 1000 attendees on a webinar, 50% of webinars in USA have between 200 and 300 online participants.

In New Zealand, we are noticing a similar scale of attendees in areas of professional education such as accounting and legal training. However, outside of this environment, we experience the larger virtual rooms holding about 50 participants.

Webinar recordings are a key success factor

On average, 25% of the views a webinar receives (live and recorded combined) are of the recording of a live webinar. Indeed, we are seeing this often exceeded so that up to 40% of total views are of the recorded session.

This allows the reach of each live webinar to keep on growing. This is content marketing zen – so make the most of the recorded opportunity.

42% of free lead generation webinar registrants turn up

If you are doing sales or marketing webinars, an average of 42% of registrants attend the live event. And if you are doing internal sessions or updates for existing customers, this goes up from 60-80% depending on the type of content.

So be realistic about how many will be in the room.

Webinars are a top 3 content marketing selling tool

Check out the stats here for selling business to business – ask yourself are you missing out?

Webinars are a top 3 selling tool

Webinars are a top 3 selling tool


Which statistics surprised you?  We’re keen to hear from you at info@thecatalzyers.com

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