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Are you seeking proven and efficient ways to achieve any or all of the following?

  • Widen your business skills and/knowledge base; and/or
  • Gain confidence before taking a new direction for your career or business; and/or
  • Maintain anonymity while investigating new possibilities; and/or
  • Hunting opportunities to invest in personal development that fits your busy schedule; and/or
  • Like the idea of short, punchy remote learning interactions.

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Great! That’s because webinars (often called online meetings or web conferencing) are a highly effective and established method to achieve any or all of the above.

Get a quick overview of Attend Webinar

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In 3 minutes learn about:

  • What is a webinar?
  • How can Attend Webinar help me?
  • What kind of topics will be available?
  • How do I sign up for one or more webinars?
  • What’s the investment and availability?

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What is a webinar?

Think of it as radio with visuals. And for visuals think a dynamic power point presentation that you can watch/listen to at your desk or on your sofa with a laptop. Web conferences can be 10 minutes or 90 minutes in duration or anything in between, depending on the goal of the session. And all you need is a connection to the internet and voila – effective distance learning is at your fingertips.

How can Attend Webinar help me?

Attend Webinar web conferencing is a wonderfully flexible way to widen your business knowledge and/or skills in a confidential format that fits with your packed diary.  Choose whether you attend live or download a recorded webinar to review at your leisure. Whether you are looking to do a Management Buyout, increase your marketing knowledge or nail social media, we plan to deliver you an Attend Webinar online meeting series to meet your personal business acceleration needs.

What kind of topics will be available in Attend Webinar?

Attend Webinar covers content that:

  • Solves key business challenges; and/or
  • Assists you to meet new business opportunities with greater confidence and insight.

Hence we have a diverse range of business areas we cover and are keen to provide more.

Listen to our latest webinar, Ban Busy! In this 40 minute webinar (+ 10 minutes Q+A),  accomplished business author, Joan Baker, will show you how to take practical steps to Ban Busy!! for the rest of your working life. It’s currently being offered at the special price of NZ$49.99, discounted from the usual $64.99.

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How do I sign up for one or more webinars?

Sign up for Ban Busy! and/or updates and special offers on upcoming live Expert Guide webinars in the right column.


Visit our Library to download and review through your account whenever it suits you.

What’s the investment and the availability?

We run live web conferences on average every month, for a given topic.  Once you sign up for webinar updates and special offers (in the right column) you can readily spot if a topic is of interest so you can sign up for it.

Alternatively, you can also download recorded webinar content anytime from our Library.

As for investment, we have a bunch of Free Stuff in the Library to download, which is filled with great insights.

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