#28: Big rewards from live online events


Big wins with live online events

Big wins for trusted content providers with live online events

It doesn’t matter whether you are at the business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) end of the business spectrum – how to stand out from the crowd is just getting harder. Add to that creating new content is lots of work!

However it’s worth it. Massively so.

Check out these benchmarks from ON24, one of the largest online event players in the world.

Online events just keep getting bigger and longer

 Over 20% of online events have over 500 people attending. While most events (56%) are between 200 and 300 people, 36% have between 300 – 500 people participating.

Only 1% of online events are over 1,000 participants but this part of the market is growing so that audiences of up to 5,000 at a time are accessible. Fantastic.

Add to that the trend in duration and you are onto some big wins for engaging with your audience in real time. Note that 4 years ago the average online event was 38 minutes – today it’s 56 minutes.

We believe this reflects the widening uses of online live events including brand building, thought leadership, product launches, training, communications, market research, co-creation with customers and more.

Interaction in onlive events is key to word of mouth

Interaction in onlive events is key to word of mouth

It’s not a broadcast – it’s a two way interaction

The data shows that audiences love interacting live with experts/thought leaders/ brand owners etc.  And that’s not a Twitter stream alongside the event it’s live engagement from within the event that can be shared in real time. We mean polling on key questions, surveys, messaging, raising your hand, Q&A – all that good stuff.

If you ask participants relevant and thought provoking questions, you will see a spike in attentiveness every time you invite direct interaction. We’ve seen this get up to 90% consistently.

What’s surprising is that the ON24 benchmarks show people are still tentative using interaction. While 85% use live Q&A less than 25% use polling within a session and only 10% use surveys.

In our experience doing this for over 10 years, online event hosts are missing out BIG TIME.  We recommend that you get more interactive and drive more word of mouth for your organisation/brand/product & service and love the results.

Rich media is the neglected child – such a waste

Less than 10% of online event hosts incorporate video clips, webcams or use a full ‘studio’ set up with the couch and green screen. Now the latter requires budget so we get why that’s in the minority. By contrast we can’t understand why hosts don’t have presenters on webcam and show some SHORT clips (no more than 90 seconds) as standard.

Realise this.

In the online event zone you are fighting boredom and distraction every moment and so you need every weapon in your arsenal to personalise, engage and titivate your participants.  So having presenters on webcam during the intro and Q&A works beautifully and including the odd video clip delivers variety and different pacing to help keep the event amped!

So, which of these benchmarks surprised you? We look forward to your thoughts at info@thecatalyzers.com

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