#27 Missing out on quality engagement with your audience? Host Live Online Events

We live in a world where attention spans are decreasing at an alarming rate.

Short attention spans

Short attention spans dominate

Audiences want to devour information in smaller, faster, easier to digest snippets that are simple to regurgitate, curate and sometimes syndicate.

  • Micro blogging has a max of 140 characters for Twitter
  • Online copy experts urge the need for catchy headlines, chunked up content and clear calls to action
  • Audiences – business or consumer – are becoming ever more visual so whatever you are doing, imagery is becoming increasingly important to drive interaction e.g. Snapchat
  • Add to that we are the iPad generation – flicking on to the next image in seconds. This changes how we put together trainings, keynotes etc. We need more and more images and rich media
  • YouTube videos are getting shorter – it used to be 3 golden minutes. Now 2 minutes is a good benchmark.

It sure is tough to get a decent chunk of your audience’s attention span at any one time.

Bucking the attention span trend – Live Online Events

Missing out on Live Online Events?

Missing out on Live Online Events?

The only online channel we have found that is kicking the short attention span nightmare into touch is Live Online Events. Thanks to ON24, a leading online event software provider, we have a lovely trend emerging on all sorts of metrics for Live Online Events.

The most liberating one for any organisation wanting to build relationships with customers/business partners is that the average duration of a Live Online Event is 56 minutes….check this out.

  • 2011: Average duration is 38 minutes
  • 2012: Average duration is 53 minutes
  • 2013: Average duration is 56 minutes

Interestingly, these are for marketing style online events – not training. Based on our experience training across Asia Pacific, these durations would be for hours and hours being enjoyed by attentive participants. There is one caveat – you must offer high impact online training events.

How to take your Live Online Events to the next level

Here are a few tips on best practice to consider if you want to make the most of this highly effective channel.

  • Have a programme of Live Online Events
  • Market them hard – they are Events not another boring meeting
  • Never show a visual for longer than 60 seconds
  • Bullet points are death – stay alive by avoiding them
  • More slides is good – visual boredom is very very bad
  • Rehearse – no dead air permitted or you’re fired!

We’d love to hear your thoughts about how you would like to exploit this opportunity for longer, fun and informative online engagement with your target audience. So just drop us a line at info@thecatalyzers.com

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