#24 Turbo charge your ROI by hosting seminars & conferences with webinars

Hosting seminars and conferences is time consuming and can be costly.  So why not accelerate your ROI by giving people the option of attending remotely using webinar technology?


Offer a live webinar broadcast of your seminars and conferences to grow your reach

Think about it. This means you can take your event city wide, nationwide and even international – fast.

Utilising webinars like this is a proven way to extend the reach of in person events. BTW it’s used regularly in USA. Closer to home the Employers & Manufacturers Association in Auckland has taken this path.

And, if you charge for events, it can rapidly grow event based revenues as well as expand your geographic reach.

If you are interested in finding out how to host an in person event, which is simultaneously broadcast as a live webinar (aka a Hybrid Event) – read on to find out more!

When should you consider offering a remote (webinar) option to a ‘in person’ event?

Typically organisations offer Hybrid Events for one or more of three reasons.

  1. You are missing out on attendees who can’t come because they struggle to a get to one central location at the allotted time; and/or
  2. A keynote speaker or speakers is/are coming to your location and you want to ‘share the love;’ and/or
  3. You want to extend the reach of your event beyond a specific suburb/city/country cost effectively.

If any of these apply, using webinar technology to go ‘Hybrid’ often makes sense.

Networking is a key benefit for attendees – how does that work for a Hybrid Event?

We recommend hosting satellite groups in different locations. These could be hosted in different parts of your city or town, across the country and/or in key locations overseas.

By having one of your representatives host satellite groups, attendees still enjoy access to networking opportunities as well as live engagement with the speaker(s) – more on that later – while indulging in a bit of ‘eat, drink and be merry.’

Also, you can get a recording of the event for future reference, which can prove VERY useful for attendees.

How do you see the presenter, their slides/content and interact with them if you are a Hybrid Event (webinar) attendee?

Remote attendees typically view one screen, hosted by your representative who will manage interaction with the presenter(s) on behalf of satellite attendees (think traffic manager).

The good news is that using webinar software (there are lots of good options out there) you can see the presenter (think webcam), view their slide deck (hopefully optimised for webinar best practice), interact in live polling on key questions posed by the presenter, send messages and questions etc.

It’s fun, effective and allows 100s and even 1000s of people to attend a session in a highly engaging way.

And of course they can share the webinar recording with their colleagues which will help extend the reach of your service virally.


Consider growing the reach of your in person events and conferences using webinar technology. It’s cost effective, can drive additional income and it works.

Keen to find out more? We’d love to hear from you on info@thecatalyzers.com

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