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  • Increase employee uptime and reduce costs while increasing efficiency in your organization irrespective of whether you have dispersed locations, multiple timezones and shift issues to manage. If so, then view “How To Webinar” below ; and/or
  • Develop new skills so you can access an even more aspirational and productive business life – then please view our free webinar, “Attend Webinar” below.

The Catalyzers are specialists in the design and delivery of webinars (often called web conferencing and online meetings) for organizations and to business people all over the world.

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Questions we answer in this 5 minute webinar:
  • What is a webinar?
  • What organizations are using these online presentations in USA and Canada?
  • What kind of benefits can I expect?
  • How do I get the best results using web conferencing?
  • What's my next steps to secure online meeting wins?
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Questions we answer in this 5 minute webinar:
  • What is a webinar?
  • How can "Attend Webinar" help me?
  • What kind of topics will be available in the web conferences?
  • How do I sign up for one or more web conferences?
  • What's the investment and availability of online meetings?
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